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  • Thomas Kelly (USA)
  • Chris McDonald (Australia)
  • David and Echo (France)
  • Steven Levithan (USA)
  • Mariana Buhring (France)
  • Richard & Zanny Martin (Switzerland)
  • Jason Scott (USA)
  • Mario Schiano (Italy)
  • Siobhan Stella ( Ireland )
  • Guido Notari (Uganda)
  • Marek Hamšík (Napoli footballer)
  • Peter Frouman (USA)
  • Katrina Levithan (USA)
  • Elio Zullo ( Italy )
  • Mauro Russo (Italy)
  • Antonio Vitello (Italy)
  • Riccardo & Angela Zullo (Italy)
  • Erinn LaMattery (Japan)
  • Whisper Wind James (USA)
  • Jesse Martin Nolan (USA)
  • Michele Auriemma& Carmen(Italy)
  • Michele Gentile (Italy)
  • Ilaria Martini (Italy)
  • Bruce & Michelle Warren (USA)
  • Marco Auriemma (Italy)
  • Paolo Chan (USA)
  • Kathryn Mercogliano (USA)
  • Kelly Rugely (USA)
  • John Mageropoulos (USA)
  • Fiona McLeod (UK)
  • Kai Hayes (USA)
  • Stephanie Mills (UK)
  • Starr Guckert (USA)
  • Claire Turquin-Silhouette (Avignon)
  • Isabelle Chouar et le Gambrinus (Avignon)
  • David Hose
  • Lynn Etherton (USA)
  • Romolo Ponzo (Italy)
  • Marco Martini (Italy)
  • Gesualdo Di Prospero (Italy)
  • Salvatore Alfieri (Italy)
  • The Bennett family (Wellington, New Zealand)
  • Vincent Miller (Australia)
  • The Fawkin Hawkins (Australia)
  • Anthony Booths ( Australia )
  • Angel Smith (Australia)
  • Maria Gabriella Berti (Italy)
  • James Benson (USA)
  • Vincenzo Fedele (Italy)
  • Mark Jacobs
  • Petra Laila Bartlett
  • Dacil Bettinger (USA)
  • Michael McMahon (Australia)
  • Sean Preece ( England )
  • Floriana De Stefano ( Italy)
  • Gina M. Catena ( Italy )
  • Clara Comelli ( Italy )
  • Tommaso Fortunato ( Italy )

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Italian flag Costi da sponsorizzare

La stima dei costi per l’intero viaggio sara’ di circa 25.000 euro , divisa approssivativamente in questo modo:

  • 1.000 – visti per paesi extraeuropei
  • 10.000 – costi per trasporti ( 6 biglietti aerei, 2 barca )
  • 7.000 – vitto e alloggio nei diversi paesi
  • 2.000 – fondo d’emergenza ( che andra’ a Safe Passage Foundation se non utilizzato )
  • 5000 – scorta su auto/moto

Se sfortunatamente qualcosa di terribile dovesse accadere , tipo essere rapita da uno scaltro pigmeo che riconosca nella mia altezza il compimento di un’antica profezia, o che i pirati somali mi tengano in ostaggio sulla costa del.., be’,qualche posto dove né loro né io dovremmo essere , tutte le donazioni per la corsa andranno al mio ente di beneficenza , Safe Passage Foundation. Alternativamente ,sarà dato  un rimborso a chi lo richiederà.

Tutti i fondi raccolti al di sopra dei costi base del viaggio andranno a Safe Passage Foundation e analogamente , se dovesse essere usato meno di quanto pianificato nei costi , il residuo resterà a SPF.

Se vuoi donare per il viaggio in bici e aggiungere il tuo nome ai miei sponsor , puoi fare una donazione designata a Safe Passage Foundation. Se  preferisci usare Google Wallet piuttosto che Paypal per fare una donazione , per piacere visita l’altra pagina di Safe Passage Foundation . Safe Passage Foundation ( EIN: 30-0188676) è una no-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt che fornisce risorse, supporto e patrocinio per giovani cresciuti in comunità isolate , estremiste , spesso chiamate “sette” dalla società . Le donazioni a Safe Passage Foundation sono deducibili dalle tasse nella misura permessa dalla legge.

A cycle of such ambitious proportions cannot be accomplished without moral and financial backing. My bicycle have been sponsored by Mario Schiano. Any companies or individuals interested in sponsoring other aspects of the ride, please contact me directly at amani_jb <@> yahoo.com.

Ultimately it may come down to a grass roots by the people, for the people campaign to get me and my bike the full 40,000 kilometer circumference.

My current estimate of expenses for the entire trip amounts to 25,000 euros and is roughly broken down as follows:

  • 1,000 – country visas
  • 10,000 – transport costs (6 plane, 2 boat tickets)
  • 7,000 – monthly expenses (food, accommodation)
  • 2,000 – emergency funds (to be put into Safe Passage Foundation if not used)
  • 5,000 – back up support

In the unlikely advent of something going terribly wrong such as kidnapping by wily pygmies who recognise in my gangly height the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy, or Somalian pirates holding me ransom off the coast of, well, some place neither they nor I should be, all donations for the cycle will go to my charity, Safe Passage Foundation. Alternatively, a refund will be given to those who request it.

All money raised over the basic costs of the cycle will go to Safe Passage Foundation and similarly, if less is used than the above projection of costs, the remainder will stay with SPF.

If you wish to donate towards the ride and add your name to my sponsors, you may make a designated donation to Safe Passage Foundation.  Safe Passage Foundation (EIN: 30-0188676) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization that provides resources, support and advocacy for youth raised in restrictive, isolated or high-demand communities, often referred to as “cults” by society at large.  Donations to Safe Passage Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


  1. Tom Kelly
    August 15, 2012 @ 16:48

    Hi Peter, I recently escorted Juliana fom Boston to western New York. I made an additional donation to her of $200. and was wondering if you could make that a tax deductible donation through safe passage? Also, my brother James Kelly made a donation of $100. to Juliana and was wondering the same thing. Please let me know.

    Tom Kelly


  2. Peter Frouman
    August 16, 2012 @ 06:40

    Thank you for your generous support of the World Cycle!

    Yes, all donations to Safe Passage Foundation to sponsor the World Cycle are tax-deductible in the United States to the extent permitted by law. I need to get some records from Juliana of donations she has accepted in person on behalf of Safe Passage Foundation and can then issue receipts as needed. If you need a receipt, please email me at peter@safepassagefoundation.net and I will take care of it.
    Best regards,
    Peter Frouman
    Director, Safe Passage Foundation


  3. James Benson
    November 24, 2012 @ 15:17

    I recently (Nov 14) made a donation to Safe Passage for Juliana, will my name appear on the sponsor list?


  4. Peter Frouman
    December 3, 2012 @ 18:09

    Thank you so much for your generous support to sponsor the World Cycle. I have added your name to the list of sponsors. We will also have a large banner at the finish line in Naples with the names of all those whose support of the World Cycle has made it possible. Anyone who would like to be listed here (and on the banner) but isn’t, please email me at peter@safepassagefoundation.net. I was way behind on sending donation acknowledgement and receipt emails and I apologize for the delay.



  5. Keishawn
    January 28, 2013 @ 01:41

    Hello I’m keishawn blackstone and I am on major motion cycling. I been looking in getting into trianthlon time trial. I am 16 and I cycle to my hardiest any donations would do I really appreciate it


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