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Top Tips for the Lone Female Bikepacker

If you’re one of a growing number of lone women pedaling their way across countries and continents, you’ve inevitably gotten the full range of reactions from ‘It’s too dangerous’, and ‘aren’t you afraid?’, to ‘you must be mad’. Grant it, the world is not as dangerous as most people believe it to be, but there
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The Great Debate: Supported vs. Unsupported Cycling Records

The current discussion of supported vs. unsupported world cycle records was brought into the spotlight by a couple more recent round-the-world cyclists who have gone with a support team, as opposed to all previous records, involving a few mad adventurers with a couple changes of clothes, a gas stove and a bedroll. As it started
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The Transcontinental Race

It was about the time the saddle sores started bleeding, the dull ache in my knees got sharper, the sun burned some crazy degrees too many and headwinds slammed into me at 60 kmph, that I began to think participating in the Transcontinental Race had been a really bad idea. When Mike Hall originally told
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The Adventure Aftermath

After the high of any great accomplishment, follows the inevitable low. Explorers and adventurers the world over know it. This ‘after low’, or withdrawal, doesn’t really have a name, but it’s depression alright. I often found myself staring out into the horizon, into the sky, and I didn’t know how long I’d stood there. It
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The sky is not the limit

From the beginning, everybody told me I wasn’t ready. Without a sponsor or money, without a technical and medical support team, with only eight months of training on a bicycle, I was not ready to leave and should delay the entire endeavour for at least another year. I got a lot of laughs in the
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Storie on the road…

“Hey Man, stop ” sento da lontano mentre esco dal parcheggio del motel nel quale avevamo passato la notte. “Hey buddy ” finalmente vedo un uomo di circa 50 anni che corre verso la mia auto e mi fa cenno di fermarmi. Juliana è già partita da mezz’ora direzione Nullarbor . Io aspetto l’apertura del
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What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

The first day in India starts with a literal bang. Trying to get out of Kolkata, weaving through the seething, moving chaos of trucks, motorbikes, buses, rickshaws, bikes laden with pots, animals and merchandise, pedestrians, dogs, cows, goats, garbage, potholes. Everywhere an interminable stench of rotting rubbish, feces and incense. Between a truck coming up
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Three months in…

Today the little kid in the street nailed it when he pointed at me and shouted ” look, it’s a phalang!” That’s exactly what I feel like. A guava. Pink-faced, rough bruised skin, slimy with sweat. I feel less human these days and more like a feral wild woman. Even after a shower I feel
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A pleasant warm rain

Make it Harder!

Eventually, perhaps inevitably, comes that moment. I realize that hard as my legs are pedaling, the bicycle is simply not moving. Another 100 kmph gust of wind slams into me accompanied by a sheet of icy rain. My shoes are heavy with water, squishing between my toes as I labour against the pedals. 100 kilometers
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Usa …verso il West

Da Boston a Seattle , 6000 km , 26 giorni , Route 66 , deserti , Mississippi , cowboy …. Basterebbe aggiungere le numerose avventure causate dal vento contrario e la pioggia , per fare credere a tutti che stiamo citando libri di Mark Twain o Jack Kerouac . È semplicemente l’avventura di Juliana negli
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The Conclusion of Europe part 1

By Antonio Zullo Many times I asked Juliana “why cycle the world”? Her first reply, before expounding, is always the same. “”Why not?”. True freedom, that which scares most human beings, those constrained to live under the teachings imposed by society, who fear the opposition between desire and duty, leaving the latter winner. Juliana, with
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bici massimo

It’s the Final Countdown!

At long last departure day is just around the corner. People keep telling me the hardest part is leaving, and this has certainly proved to be the case. From the beginning, finding sponsorship for this endeavor has proved difficult. Were it not for the generous donations of friends and well-wishers, even getting to this point
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Here’s to 2012

The last day of 2011 was crisp and clear. I mounted my bike onto the car and headed to Lake Patria for the last cycle of the year. I was leaving to Africa the next day and figured I’d better go for one last training session, since I was fairly certain the next ten days
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In Bocca al Lupo!

Italiano A few things have changed since my last training update, not least important of which has been the addition of a logistics manager, Antonio Zullo and two professional trainers to the endeavour. It started with a meeting set up by my bike sponsor, Mario Schiano, with professional cyclist trainer, Stefano Minichino. Stefano has long
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The Fear of Nothing

After getting hit by a mammoth truck last Monday, following the ‘did that just happen?’ shock, the anger that the driver didn’t stop and the gratitude that I got off with a few light scrapes, a bruised arm and a really sore neck, brought me to the inevitable moment of inner evaluation. The potential dangers
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my bike

Training Days

My current training program involves waking up at the crack of dawn and since it’s impossible to drive anywhere within Naples (crazy drivers and roads), I have to put my bike on the back of my car and drive an hour out into the countryside. This is actually proving challenging for me, as I’m usually
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World Cycling Record

In mid-March 2012, I will be setting out to make the first women’s world record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle. This will mean cycling a minimum of 220 km, or roughly 135 miles a day over nearly 5 months. The current Guinness World Record for circumnavigation by bicycle is held by Vin Cox who completed
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