Safe Passage Foundation

Altona Meadows Safe Passage Foundation logoThrough my world record cycle I hope to raise awareness about the basic human rights of children and money for Safe Passage Foundation‘s assistance fund to provide education, resources, support, advocacy and a safe transition for those born and/or raised in extremist, isolated or high-demand organizations.

The mission of Safe Passage Foundation is to ensure:

  • That minors within cults or high demand organizations are protected from abuse and exploitation and that their rights are respected and protected.
  • That those who choose to leave a cult or high demand organization have a support structure throughout the transitional period.
  • That those who violate children’s human rights are held accountable for their crimes and face justice

Safe Passage Foundation has adopted the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as the statement of its guiding philosophy.

You may donate to Safe Passage Foundation by visiting its web site or (if you have a Capital One card), clicking on the banner below.

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