World Cycling Record In mid-March 2012, I will be setting out to make the first women’s world record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle. This will mean cycling a minimum of 220 km, or roughly 135 miles a day over nearly 5 months. The current Guinness World Record for circumnavigation by bicycle is held by Vin Cox who completed his attempt in August 2010, having cycled 18,225.7 miles (29,331 km) in 163 days 6 hours 58 minutes.

The Guinness World Record rules require the rider to cover 28,970 kilometers by bike, in an East to West or West to East direction, wavering no more than 5 degrees off course.The total journey distance must be a minimum of 40,075 kilometers, to include all transit by flight or sea. The ride must start and finish in the same place and must pass at least two antipodal points (This is two points that line up through the earth’s center). When the rider reaches a transit point to connect with a flight or boat to the next continent or country start point, the clock stops with regard to the actual riding time. Once customs is cleared at the next destination, the clock immediately starts again. The same bicycle must be used throughout the attempt, although repairs and replacement parts and bikes are allowed for mechanical failure. Satellite tracking is highly recommended by Guinness World Records and a daily log, signatures of dignitaries and photographs at strategic points must be collated as evidence.

This site will attempt to track my progress on the map through a live GPS, as well as record regular logs, posts, pics, etc.